Dial A Lift

⇒   Door-to-Door option for individuals living in rural areas of the Causeway Coast & Glens borough council.  All members registered must pay an annual   membership fee. 

⇒   Due to funding pressures, it is restrictive to a 15 mile travel radius.

⇒   Members who retain valid smart-pass can use this on this particular service enabling free or half fare transport but concessionary travel is only permitted         three times per week maximum.

⇒   This service operates Monday through Friday 9am until 5pm.

⇒   Rates;

  • 0-5 miles – £3.00
  • 5-10 miles – £4.00
  • 10-15 miles – £5.00
  • 15-20 miles – £6.50
  • 20-25 miles – £7.50
  • 25-30 miles – £8.50
  • 30+ miles – £0.30p per mile.


⇒   The Social Investment Fund (SIF)  service is an extension of the Dial a Lift service and enables transport at evenings and weekends 

⇒   This service allows for travel outside the operational area.

⇒   Evening travel can be utilised until 8pm and 9am-5pm at weekends.

⇒   Smart – pass concessions are not applicable on this service.  Members using this service must pay a £10.00 annual membership fee.

⇒   48 hours notice preferable.

⇒   Single Passenger rates;

  • 0-5 miles – £3.00
  • 5-10 miles – £4.00
  • 10-15 miles – £5.00
  • 15-20 miles – £650
  • 20-25 miles – £7.50
  • 25-30 miles – £8.50
  • 30+ Miles – £0.30p per mile 

⇒   Multiple Passenger rates

  • 0-5 miles – £1.50
  • 5-10 miles – £2.00
  • 10-15 miles – £2.50
  • 15-20 miles – £3.25
  • 20-25 miles – £3.75
  • 25-30 miles – £4.25
  • 30+miles  – £0.15p per mile                  

Disability Action

⇒   North Coast Community Transport delivers transport in the towns of Ballymoney, Coleraine, Ballymena and Limavady on behalf of Disability Action, Belfast.

⇒   This urban service is for members of Disability Action not North Coast Community Transport and you must meet their required eligibility to become a member.

⇒   If you require any information on this service or a Membership Application Form please contact;

Disability Action Transport Scheme,
Portside Business Park,
189 Airport Road West, Belfast
Telephone: 08456085555
Textphone: 02890297882
Fax: 02890297881
Email :

Group Travel

⇒   Our Fleet of 20 vehicles cater for 16 passenger seats and are available to assist with any group transport including luncheon clubs, youth groups, church groups, afterschool clubs and women’s clubs.

⇒   Each vehicle is fitted with on-board lifts to assist those travelling with mobility issues.

⇒   Groups have an option of ‘with driver’ or ‘without driver’ bus hire but those hiring without must have a qualified, Midas (Minibus Driving Awareness Scheme) trained driver. NCCT can arrange and deliver MiDas training if required. An annual fee of £15.00 is required in submission with forms.

⇒   Rates for ‘with driver’ hire are £13.50 per hour and £0.40p per mile
⇒   Rates for ‘without driver’ hire are £30 half day (up to 5hours) or £60 full day (5hours or over) and £0.40p per mile.

⇒   Please be advised that Minibus drivers must hold the correct category on their driving licence to legally drive a minibus and if you are unsure, contact our main office for guidance.

⇒   North Coast Community Transport can also arrange larger group travel through our brokerage agreement with a local coach company.

MiDas Training

MiDas helps improve minibus safety by working with your organisation to enhance skills for drivers. It is a nationally recognised standard for the training and assessment of minibus drivers. The training consists of both a practical and theory assessment and takes approximately 4 hours in total to complete. There are two levels of training offered, standard and accessible.
The standard covers and Introduction to MiDAS, Driving a Minibus, Common Driving Faults and How to Avoid Them,Legal Requirements and Good Practice for Minibus Drivers,Minibus Equipment,Passenger Awareness, Assistance and Safety,Safety for Passengers who use Wheelchairs in Minibuses and Breakdown, Accident and Emergency Procedures. The cost of the standard training is £45.00 per person.
The accessible training covers all content of the standard training but includes the training of clamping in wheelchairs. The cost of the accessible training is £60.00 per person.