NCCT were delighted to be granted funding in 2017 for a a 3 year service assisting with individual transport at evenings and weekends outside the operational area.  The service is due to end on 31st August 2019 as the funding ceases and the probability of this funding being extended is unlikely.  As the Dial-a-Lift service operates only within a 15mile radius and from Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, this service enabled members to broaden their transport options and NCCT found the SIF service being used, not exclusively, but profoundly for hospital appointments in Belfast.  Although this subsidy is no longer available, transport can still be taken but on a full cost recovery basis.  We would like to thank the Executive Office for enabling this funding and it is with deep regret that this cannot continue. This service. Please contact the office for more details 028 70321234.